3 Things that Will Tell You It's Time for an Engine Overhaul


Your car's engine is one of the busiest components. It gets to work the moment you turn on the ignition and only rests after you turn the car off. With this regular use, your engine's components are bound to wear out and adversely affect the performance of your car. This is why you need an engine overhaul. An overhaul is a thorough tune-up of the engine, which involves the removal, disassembly, cleaning, testing and replacement of the worn out engine components. However, diagnosing your engine's need for an overhaul is the initial step to getting it repaired in good time. Here are a few things that will tell you it is time for an overhaul:

Metal Flakes in Your Engine Oil

Changing your engine oil is part of the regular maintenance practices that you should do to keep your engine in good shape. Whether you change it yourself or take it to a repair centre, you should pay attention to the residues in the engine. Look out for metal flakes in the old oil drained from the engine. They are an indication that metal surfaces are under high friction contact within the engine, which shouldn't be happening. These flakes can emanate from various components such as a worn out crankshaft or rubbing cylinders. The engine should be disassembled and checked accordingly.

The Engine is Knocking

If your engine generates a knocking sound that gets louder when you rev the car, then it certainly needs an overhaul. This sound is caused by worn out bearings that have probably run for long periods with inadequate engine oil supply or due to high mileage. The bearings wear out severely because of the excess high heat of the engine and produce knocking sounds. You should have your engine checked as soon as possible because worn out bearings can lead to a complete failure of the engine.

Loss of Compression

Compression refers to the rate at which the engine burns fuel to generate mechanical energy that powers your vehicle. Generally, a loss of compression means that your engine will be misfiring, and it won't produce as much power as it should. You cannot power off as fast as you may want after slowing down or fail to go beyond a certain speed. A misfiring engine can easily make you run late besides overworking the engine's combustion chamber. If you notice a loss of power (compression), check into a repair centre to prevent further damage and save on fuel.

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22 August 2016

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