4 Reasons You Shouldn't Keep Driving with a Faulty Power Steering Pump


Most people don't think about their power steering system, but a vehicle cannot function properly without it. One of the key components of that system is the power steering pump. It is what sends the power steering fluid to other steering components in order to provide control over your vehicle. Unfortunately, the power steering pump can become worn over time. Many people find it tempting to delay seeing a mechanic or getting a replacement part since cars can still be driven for some time after the power steering pump has gone bad.

5 December 2022

Top Benefits of Having a Vehicle With a Common Rail Injection System


Common rail injection systems are used in all sorts of different systems that have diesel engines, including diesel-powered vehicles. If you're looking to purchase a vehicle, you may even want to specifically look for one that has a common rail injection system. There are benefits to having one of these vehicles, after all, such as the benefits that you will find outlined below. They're More Fuel-Efficient You might already like the idea of having a diesel-powered vehicle since you might know that diesel-powered vehicles are more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles in many situations.

27 September 2021

Why You Should Purchase Quality Parts for Your Commercial Trucks


If you run a trucking business, keeping your trucks on the road longer is crucial for achieving the business's ultimate goal: profit maximisation. Having a preventative maintenance regimen in place will help perform the various maintenance tasks required to keep your fleet in top working condition. As a part of scheduled maintenance of your commercial fleet of trucks, you'll need to replace damaged or worn-out parts. While you may be tempted to keep your operating expenses down by purchasing cheap truck parts, it's better to focus on the quality of your purchase rather than the price of parts.

13 April 2021

Four Tips On Buying A Car Battery


Many people think about buying a battery the moment their car fails to start. You will have to replace your car battery a few times during the life of your car because it wears out because of charging and recharging and exposure to heat. The following tips will help you choose the right auto battery. Battery Specifications When you choose a car battery that has a small capacity, you will have to replace it prematurely.

13 October 2020

Where Can You Source Spare Auto Parts?


Over time, some of your vehicle's parts might become worn-out and require replacement. You might also get into an accident that severely damages some of your vehicle's parts. It is important to know where auto parts are sourced for various reasons; for example, you might want to know where to source genuine parts at the most competitive price. Here are a few different places you can source genuine spare auto parts.

28 May 2020

How Suspension Upgrades Can Make Your Trucking Fleet More Profitable


In the world of distribution, margins can be very thin; thus, every element of an operation needs to be addressed in order to try and maximise productivity. You will already be aware of this if you manage a distribution business with a fleet of trucks and are always looking at ways to improve their performance so that you can add to the bottom line. If you are running these trucks with their standard specifications as configured by the factory, you may be overlooking a particular trick that can help them to handle better and provide a better experience for your drivers.

14 May 2019

How To Confirm Turbocharge Pedestal Issues


Some vehicles with turbochargers may emit an unsual sound when the vehicle is being driven at high rpm (revolutions per minute). The noise may be a sign of a defect in the turbocharger pedestal. This article discusses some things that hobbyists can do to confirm that the turbocharger pedestal has a problem. Check Isolators and Hangers Always inspect the entire exhaust system to confirm that all the isolators and hangers were positioned correctly.

29 January 2018

Quick Tips for Diagnosing Problems With Your Truck or SUV


Passenger trucks and sport utility vehicles may have certain expected mechanical problems, because the added weight of a truck or SUV can put more wear and tear on the engine, transmission, brakes, and other such parts. Since these vehicles are heavier and put greater demands on these parts, it's important that you have needed repairs done as soon as possible. Note a few quick tips for diagnosing problems with your truck or SUV so you know what you might be facing by way of repair bills, and what to discuss with your mechanic when you bring your vehicle into a shop.

24 October 2017

Automotive: Functions of your Filter and Signs of Clogging


The primary function of your vehicle's fuel filter is to ensure that all contaminants are kept out of the vehicle's fuel supply. This is because unfiltered fuel can contain an array of pollutants ranging from dirt to rust particles. If these make their way in the engine, they pose the risk of accelerated wear and tear of various components such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps and more. This is because the pollutants are abrasive to the surfaces of the components.

19 January 2017

Four Trailer Accessories Mobile Home Owners Need


The base of every mobile home is a trailer, and to support, protect and beautify that trailer, you need the right trailer parts and accessories. There are a range of items you should consider if you are investing in a trailer home. Here are some accessories to keep in mind: Piers and Pads Piers and pads are designed to relieve your trailer from having to support all of the weight of your home.

29 September 2016