Four Tips On Buying A Car Battery


Many people think about buying a battery the moment their car fails to start. You will have to replace your car battery a few times during the life of your car because it wears out because of charging and recharging and exposure to heat. The following tips will help you choose the right auto battery.

Battery Specifications

When you choose a car battery that has a small capacity, you will have to replace it prematurely. Similarly, if you purchase a battery that has a large capacity, you will end up overspending. Therefore, you need to get the battery specifications right.

There is a battery designed for the model of your car. Before purchasing a new battery, look at the car manual for the specifications of the battery that is suited for your vehicle. If you cannot find the owner's manual, take your old battery out of the vehicle and go with it to the dealer's shop. The dealer will look at the shape, configuration, and size of your old battery and find the right match for your car.

Battery Power

When determining the right battery power, you should check the specifications of the reserve capacity (RC) and cold cranking amps (CCA) on the car's manual. The reserve capacity measures the reserve power of the battery, whereas the cold-cranking amps measure the battery's starting power. The reserve capacity is crucial in keeping accessories powered up when your car engine is off.

The type of technology and the size of the battery also affects battery power. You can check the car battery's label for these details. However, if you are in doubt, ask your dealer for the battery's RC and CCA rating.

Battery Maintenance

When buying a car battery, it is recommended that you know its maintenance procedure. Some batteries are maintenance-free. These maintenance-free batteries are more expensive than those that require maintenance.

Maintenance required batteries require you to monitor the electrolyte levels of the batteries. You will also be required to top-up the electrolyte levels. With maintenance-free batteries, there is no need for electrolyte monitoring.

Winding It Up

When buying a car battery, do not forget to buy one that matches your driving needs. You also need to consider the durability and warranty of the battery. Usually, car batteries that come with warranties are from reliable brands. To ensure you make the right choice, it may be helpful to have a mechanic or a car expert accompany you to the dealer's shop.


13 October 2020

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