How Suspension Upgrades Can Make Your Trucking Fleet More Profitable


In the world of distribution, margins can be very thin; thus, every element of an operation needs to be addressed in order to try and maximise productivity. You will already be aware of this if you manage a distribution business with a fleet of trucks and are always looking at ways to improve their performance so that you can add to the bottom line. If you are running these trucks with their standard specifications as configured by the factory, you may be overlooking a particular trick that can help them to handle better and provide a better experience for your drivers. What type of upgrade should you consider here?

Quest for Productivity

If your drivers are able to manage each truck more effectively, then they may be able to fit more trips into an average month with the obvious benefit to productivity. Each driver is, of course, only human, and if the vehicle is somewhat hard to drive, then they may not have as much energy or be able to fit in as many trips as possible, simply due to the way that each truck performs.

Shock Absorbers

Standard shock absorbers may not be ride-adjusting and may not be the best solution if you tend to haul particularly heavy loads. You ought to look for heavy-duty alternatives that will help to keep the vehicle level and avoid any tendency to slouch at the rear. Ride-adjusting shock absorbers will also compensate for the times when the vehicle is returning empty to the depot and are best fitted to the rear wheels of the truck. If you want to go even further, then you could choose air shock upgrades that can be individually configured at each corner for tremendous flexibility.

Spring Alternatives

If you upgrade the shock absorbers, then you should really look at the springs as well, as these two individual components work in tandem. You may be able to add an extra leaf to the rear axle or introduce special components that can help to dynamically adjust the tension and improve performance.

Coil springs can be bolstered through the introduction of polyurethane braces, and these go on top of the existing coils. If you want to be even kinder to your drivers, then consider introducing air springs as these tend to have a much lower rate of vibration.

Making Plans

It pays to consider how you can make each truck much easier to drive in the quest of ultimate productivity. Have a word with a supplier who sells products like Hino truck parts to plan your next move.


14 May 2019

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