Where Can You Source Spare Auto Parts?


Over time, some of your vehicle's parts might become worn-out and require replacement. You might also get into an accident that severely damages some of your vehicle's parts. It is important to know where auto parts are sourced for various reasons; for example, you might want to know where to source genuine parts at the most competitive price. Here are a few different places you can source genuine spare auto parts.

Local Spare Auto Parts Stores

You have to be careful when choosing a store. Do your homework; find out what people say about the local store you are eyeing. Forums, social media and review sites should provide a great resource. Avoid using testimonials from the spare auto part stores' websites. From your research, you can tell whether to expect quality auto parts or not.

Another sign that you are or aren't getting genuine spare auto parts is the warranty. If you get a warranty covering more than one year, that is a good sign. You should, however, read the fine print of the warranty to find out what damage it covers.

Your Vehicle's Manufacturer

Auto parts obtained from manufacturers are usually genuine; there is no question about that. However, depending on where the manufacturer is located, the part can be expensive because of shipping fees. You might even find the shipping fees to be higher than the price of the auto part. What should you do in this case? Buy the part through a mechanic. Mechanics usually buy parts in bulk, meaning they are awarded discounts that make shipping costs affordable. You only have to pay a small fee to the mechanic workshop or give them the job to fix your vehicle to avoid paying the fee. Instead, you pay the repair/replacement costs.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops that specialise in repairing the make and model of your vehicle also stock parts that commonly get damaged. The parts are usually mostly genuine, especially if the spare auto shop is reputable. Buying from auto repair shops saves time because you do not have to wait for the part to be shipped from a manufacturer. You get quicker and higher-quality repairs.

Auto Wreckers

Auto wreckers sell second-hand auto parts that have been thoroughly inspected and tested. If you need auto parts that are hard to find, maybe because they are from old or classic cars, your best bet would be auto wreckers. You also get the parts at an affordable price.

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28 May 2020

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I can't afford to buy new parts all the time, but I find that you can often get good reconditioned parts for a fraction of the cost and if you know the right place to look. I know a lot of people are in the same position as me because of the rising cost of living. On this blog, I explain how to find good quality reconditioned auto parts and how to ensure that they will be suitable for your car. It should suit anyone on a budget looking to do some of their car repairs using reconditioned auto parts.