Four Trailer Accessories Mobile Home Owners Need


The base of every mobile home is a trailer, and to support, protect and beautify that trailer, you need the right trailer parts and accessories. There are a range of items you should consider if you are investing in a trailer home. Here are some accessories to keep in mind:

Piers and Pads

Piers and pads are designed to relieve your trailer from having to support all of the weight of your home. Although the trailer can easily support the mobile home as you move it from place to place, it needs a bit of extra support when the home is parked and filled with people and contents. A pier is a support much like a jack, and the pad is a small square base for part of the trailer to rest upon. These supports should be slid under your trailer home after you park it. Then, you simply adjust them like a jack until the home is supported and some of its weight is off the trailer.

Ground Anchors

So that mobile homes don't blow in the wind, they are typically outfitted with tie-down straps. Depending on the design of your home, these straps may slip under the roof, behind the siding and out the bottom, or they may just be attached to the trailer supporting the home. To use your tie-down straps, you need a ground anchor. If you are on soil, auger anchors work perfectly, but for rock or concrete, drive or rock anchors are needed. Secure the anchor into the ground, and attach the tie-straps to it.


Underpinning, sometimes referred to as skirting, covers the base of your mobile home trailer to hide it. There are multiple designs depending on the look you want, and you can choose anything from plain vinyl underpinning to faux brick skirting. To attach it, nail a skirting board to the edges of the trailer. Then, set a track in the ground beneath the trailer. Finally, snap the skirting into the track and screw it to the skirting board on the trailer.

Trailer Coupler Lock

In many cases, the part of the trailer that attaches to a hitch is exposed on a mobile home, and it may protrude out in front of the home. If you keep your mobile home on wheels for any reason instead of using pads and piers, you need to take steps to ensure no one steals the entire home. A coupler lock can help. Available in a range of styles, this trailer accessory is a simple "cap" that fits over the coupler and locks so that no one can attach it to a hitch.



29 September 2016

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