4 Reasons You Shouldn't Keep Driving with a Faulty Power Steering Pump


Most people don't think about their power steering system, but a vehicle cannot function properly without it. One of the key components of that system is the power steering pump. It is what sends the power steering fluid to other steering components in order to provide control over your vehicle.

Unfortunately, the power steering pump can become worn over time. Many people find it tempting to delay seeing a mechanic or getting a replacement part since cars can still be driven for some time after the power steering pump has gone bad. However, this is not a wise move, and here are four important reasons why.

1. Less Responsive Steering

If your power steering pump isn't working correctly, one of the first things you're likely to notice is less responsive steering. You may find your vehicle is slow to respond to steering inputs, which means you'll no longer be in full control. At the same time, you may find that it takes more effort to turn the wheel.

2. Jerky Steering

Less responsive steering tends to come on slowly, but another issue may take you completely by surprise. When the power steering pump starts to fail, it will often cause power steering fluid to leak out of the system. When this happens, steering can become unexpectedly jerky and unpredictable. If you try turning your steering wheel to the right, it might jump to the left before going right. This can cause anything from dangerous accidents to botched parking jobs, and it's only going to become worse if the problem isn't resolved.

3. Added Stress to Other Parts

Your vehicle is designed to work effectively only when the power steering pump is doing its job. As such, a bad pump can increase stress across the rest of the vehicle and lead to the need for further repairs and part replacements. For example, the pump may damage the drive belt if it ever becomes locked down, and leakage of lubricating fluid can produce overheating.

4. Locked Steering Wheel

If you do keep driving your vehicle after its power steering pump has gone bad, you should eventually find the steering wheel locks completely. At this point, you'll have no other choice than to take it in to get the part replaced, and you may find yourself unable to move your vehicle in a very inconvenient location or at a very inconvenient time. It's far smarter to get ahead of the problem before complete failure can occur. 

For more information about power steering pumps, contact a local company. 


5 December 2022

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