Quick Tips for Diagnosing Problems With Your Truck or SUV


Passenger trucks and sport utility vehicles may have certain expected mechanical problems, because the added weight of a truck or SUV can put more wear and tear on the engine, transmission, brakes, and other such parts. Since these vehicles are heavier and put greater demands on these parts, it's important that you have needed repairs done as soon as possible. Note a few quick tips for diagnosing problems with your truck or SUV so you know what you might be facing by way of repair bills, and what to discuss with your mechanic when you bring your vehicle into a shop.

24 October 2017

Automotive: Functions of your Filter and Signs of Clogging


The primary function of your vehicle's fuel filter is to ensure that all contaminants are kept out of the vehicle's fuel supply. This is because unfiltered fuel can contain an array of pollutants ranging from dirt to rust particles. If these make their way in the engine, they pose the risk of accelerated wear and tear of various components such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps and more. This is because the pollutants are abrasive to the surfaces of the components.

19 January 2017

Four Trailer Accessories Mobile Home Owners Need


The base of every mobile home is a trailer, and to support, protect and beautify that trailer, you need the right trailer parts and accessories. There are a range of items you should consider if you are investing in a trailer home. Here are some accessories to keep in mind: Piers and Pads Piers and pads are designed to relieve your trailer from having to support all of the weight of your home.

29 September 2016

3 Extra Costs You Should Budget for After Buying a Suspension Lift Kit


Installing a suspension lift kit on your 4x4 truck can dramatically alter its appearance and performance. Those changes necessitate you to spend on more than the cost of buying the lift kit. This article discusses some of the extra costs that you should prepare for when you buy a suspension lift kit. New Suspension Components Installing a suspension lift kit requires the installer to replace several components on the vehicle so that it can accommodate the changes to its structure.

26 August 2016

3 Things that Will Tell You It's Time for an Engine Overhaul


Your car's engine is one of the busiest components. It gets to work the moment you turn on the ignition and only rests after you turn the car off. With this regular use, your engine's components are bound to wear out and adversely affect the performance of your car. This is why you need an engine overhaul. An overhaul is a thorough tune-up of the engine, which involves the removal, disassembly, cleaning, testing and replacement of the worn out engine components.

22 August 2016